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  • Let it grow!

    Did you wake up happy and ready to share your dream with the world? Ok, maybe not the entire world, but your closest friends? We are here for you :-)

    Let us be your loyal friend listening faithfully. All sharing is confidential and anonymous. No will know it's you, so let it go. Make your dream some one else's fantasy.

  • Let it burn!

    Did you wake up in a cold sweat and can't get that bad dream out of your head? We can help. Sure we can!

    Type your nightmare into abyss. We will burn your horrors in an all-clearing fire of the Temple. The Temple of Burning Man. That's our pledge and our goal.

  • Craving for a new fantasy?

    You've come to the right place! We have them all, happy rumbling, out of your mind trips, spicy encounters and creepy fits.

    Dig in, find yourself a new fad. Savor every word or binge read them all. Plead your dreamer to give you more.

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